SharePoint sessions list from TechEd NA 2013

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Below is the list of  SharePoint sessions delivered at TechEd NA 2013. You can download the slides and video, if required.

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Download TechEd NA 2013 Videos and Presentations

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If you did not get to go to TechEd NA 2013 or missed attending any session, the below script will help you download all sessions (with videos and presentation ).

The below script has been written by Todd Klindt.  Thanks Todd for sharing this script.


# Originally published at
[Environment]::CurrentDirectory=(Get-Location -PSProvider FileSystem).ProviderPath
$rss = (new-object net.webclient)

# Grab the RSS feed for the MP4 downloads
$a = ([xml]$rss.downloadstring(“”))

# Walk through each item in the feed
$ | foreach{
$code = $_.comments.split(“/”) | select -last 1

# Grab the URL for the MP4 file
$url = New-Object System.Uri($_.enclosure.url)

# Create the PPTX URL from the MP4 URL
$urlpptx = ($_.enclosure.url).replace(“.mp4″,”.pptx”)

# Create the local file name for the MP4 download
$file = $code + “-” + $_.creator + “-” + $_.title.Replace(“:”, “-“).Replace(“?”, “”).Replace(“/”, “-“).Replace(“<“, “”) + “.mp4”

# Create the local file name for the PPTX download
$filepptx = $code + “-” + $_.creator + “-” + $_.title.Replace(“:”, “-“).Replace(“?”, “”).Replace(“/”, “-“).Replace(“<“, “”) + “.pptx”

# Make sure the PPTX file doesn’t already exist
if (!(test-path $filepptx))
# Echo out the file that’s being downloaded
$wc = (New-Object System.Net.WebClient)

# Download the PPTX file
$wc.DownloadFile($urlpptx, $filepptx)

# Make sure the MP4 file doesn’t already exist
if (!(test-path $file))
# Echo out the  file that’s being downloaded

# Download the MP4 file
$wc.DownloadFile($url, $file)


#Happy Scripting..