When we talk about SharePoint 2013 to customers, one of the things they get excited about is the feature of viewing and editing the documents in the browser. Office Web Apps has becomes an integral part of SharePoint and lot of companies have started using it.

One thing to remember is Office Web Apps 2013 is no more like an add-on for SharePoint. Its a seperate product which needs to be installed on a seperate server ( preferred). It can now be used with Exchange Server 2013, Lync 2013 .

So the next question is how do I license Office Web Apps 2013.

  • If you ONLY want to have the functionaly to VIEW the documents in your SharePoint ( and not EDIT them), then you do NOT need any license 🙂 . Just install the product, configure it with SharePoint and you are good to go.
  • If you want to VIEW & EDIT the documents, then you need to have a valid volume license of Office Professional or Office Standard (2010/2013).

So if your users are already using a licensed copy of Office Professional or Office Standard (2010/2013), then you can VIEW and EDIT documents in browser 🙂

NOTE: Office Web Apps includes word web app, excel web app, powerpoint web app and onenote web app. It DOES NOT include word automation service, excel services, visio services, access services.

Hope the information was helpful.