During a presentation, one of my customer asked, it is possible to link (hyper-link) a page in onenote which is available in SharePoint 2013. So I thought of giving it a try to see if its possible.

  • Create a SharePoint site, for example a Team Site.
  • In the Quick Lunch Bar you will see Notebook which is the in-built OneNote feature present in SharePoint 2013.


  • Create some pages in it.
  • Once created, right click on the one of the pages and choose Copy link to this Page.


  • You will find the below pop-up box. Copy the link from it


  • Go back to your site, add a webpart called Summary Links and page the above copied link in this web part. Save the Page.
  • Voila!!.. when you link on the link it takes you to the exact page in that OneNote.