People who have worked on SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 will notice that breadcrumb is missing. But dont worry, this feature is just disable by default. This post will help you enable it back using simple steps

1. You will need SharePoint Designer 2013 to achieve this. Once you have it downloaded and installed, open the SharePoint site in it.

2. Go to the Master page section and create a copy of the currently used master page. ( Its as simple as clicking on the master page -> copy -> right click -> paste 🙂 )

3.Click on the newly created master page, and then click on edit file.

4. You will see the css code in it. Search for the term “GlobalBreadCrumbNavPopout” or “ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox”. Below is a snapshot on how it looks
As highlighted, change the visible attribute to “true” and remove the tag  style=”display:none;”

5. After the changes, below is how your code should look like


6. Thats it!!.. Save the master page. Set it to default master page and you have the breadcrumb now available in your site.

Hope this post was helpful.